• Cleansing facial: hot steam to expand pore and deeply clean. Rotary brush for gentle exfoliation, remove dirty things in the skin, give the skin a fresh breath with vacuum, mask, moisturize
  • Customize facial: include cleansing facial, ultrasonic helps the skin to absorb nutritions, improve the metabolism, dissovlves hypodermic fat, accelerates the absorption, ultrasonic eye care to remove eye black orbit and pouches, galvanic enhaves the ability of active molecules to penetrate the skin surface. Ultrasonic facial care to whiten and eater skin, remove spot and fine wrinkles.
  • Chemical peel: cleansing facial,
  • Microdemabration: include cleansing, exfoliate the top layer of the skin by genuine diamond crystals, give your skin softer and smother
  • Acne treatment: include cleansing, extraction, acne mask, moisturize